The Whole Larder Love book is finally available to order!

Here are the release dates and links:

METRIC measurements
AUSTRALIA – PRE-ORDER HERE at Readings and get a signed copy.

IMPERIAL measurements
USA and the rest of the world – Amazon ORDER HERE


8 thoughts on “THE BOOK”

  1. I came across a film about you today, “Smokehouse”. I’ve wanted to build a log cabin on my property for several years now. Lots of room and plenty of pine trees. I’m an outdoor hiking guide in the U.S., I teach city people how to walk in the woods for a couple of days and not make a mess of it. I make use my spare time learning to grow my own food.

    Any advice you can give and any resources you would be willing to share to help with building the cabin would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for the inspiration and good luck to you,


    • There was a book reprinted from the 1930’s that is used. It was something as obvious as ‘How to build A Log Cabin’

      There are a bunch of books you can buy online, or just watch Alone in the Wild a few times. ;-)

  2. I just pre-ordered your book. I’m pretty excited about it!

  3. I received my copy today, well actually it’s to be gifted to my other half (when he gets home from work). I’m very much looking forward to having a good read of it if I can prise it from his hands.
    We have dreams of owning our own place in the country and being as self-sufficient as possible- growing, baking, foraging, harvesting, making and making-do.
    Thank you for your inspiration.

  4. So excited! Congratulations from a semi-always hungry university student in New York state. I’ve been reading your blog for years. Not sure if I will get as much cooking done as looking just looking at the photos…

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