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75 thoughts on “Subscribe”

  1. yay!

  2. Hey Rohan,

    Great to meet you and family at the BREAZE Local Food display today. Love the blog. Great to meet a fellow eel enthusiast too. Have arranged to pick a bunch of artichokes for you from a mates farm on Monday afternoon so feel free to drop me an email with an address or I might be cheeky and just drop something on your doorstep if I find your place.

    Cheers – Jane

  3. love your site!

  4. Lisa-Maria said:

    sign me up pls

  5. sign me up please, amazing looking site

  6. :)

  7. Hit me up with the good stuff. Loving the photos and stories.

  8. meandtheboys said:

    thanks pip for introducing us…

  9. thanks rohan for making me think more about food, its origin etc etc.. love your blog

  10. Erica @ Marlo said:

    Let the Real revolution roll on. Real food, real cooking, real families, real (old) skills and real living!

  11. Just found your blog after hearing you on statewide drive on the abc. Love the recipe for smoked trout pizza. I’m a pretty keen fisherman and cook. (this summer I’m chasing Murray Cod (as usual – I live in Benalla) and going up the coast to a little place called Gerringong where my family have been holidaying for nearly 20 years. Hoping to go after flathead (great eating fish) with soft plastics. Haven’t got into fly fishing yet.
    I have a cooking blog (a bit neglected lately) that I mainly set up for my kids when they left home and went to Uni. Not up to your standard, but feel free to check it out.

    Anyway, looking forward to reading your blog.


    John Spencer.

  12. I just finished reading your blog in entirety. I have to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the trip this blog has taken me on. Your connection with nature is truly inspiring!
    I long to have a bigger garden; my 6 rusty sap buckets filled with soil is not a lot to work with. I live in Montreal, QC Canada. This might explain the sap buckets. Or if it doesn’t Quebec produces a lot of maple syrup which need sap buckets in order to collect sap.
    Getting off topic.
    Just wanted to let you know that I truly loved your blog and I can’t wait to see what comes next. Keep up the amazing work!

    • Amazing to hear Dale. I must go through it one day and read it. I’m really stoked you got some benefit from reading my blog and I hope you come back and read it again sometime!!!

  13. big fan.

  14. Just came across your Blog, can’t wait to see more of the great photo’s and hear of your adventures.

  15. Kate Caine said:

    I would like to subscribe,please!

  16. Madeleine Corcoran said:

    Hi, I would really like to subscribe too please :)

  17. how do i get to this place of ‘living simply’. it seems like an impossible dream!

    • It’s a pretty simple approach. I’m actually trying to rid myself of even more things this year so it I feel less cluttered. But really all I do is take joy in the simple pleasures and set aside the desire to be wealthy in material items.

  18. Hi there
    What a lovely blog. And fantastic way of life.
    Please add me to your email list, looking forward to hearing more.

  19. Cool post! I’d like to subscribe.

  20. G’dday,
    I read an article in Epicure that referrenced this blog as I’m sure you know which has lead me to look you up. I live in the Eltham area I and my family live quite humble lives and we’re keen adopt some of the grow, gather cook practices in our quest to live in a way to us is more meaningful.
    Thanks for blogging about your life and experiences.
    Jason williams

  21. Francesca said:

    Please sign me up!

  22. Tobe' Sauvageau said:

    You have a new fan in me!

  23. eric brat said:

    Inspiring blog!

  24. Hey,
    loving the blog – easy reading & entertaining with great photos! Bravo

  25. hey rohan,please add me to the list.Enjoyed listening to you on the radio today.Will spread the word and look forward to future updates .All the best Andrew

  26. Great blog… loved reading and looking at some of your photos of the food you grow and eat.

  27. Karen Dean said:

    Hi Rohan, like your thoughts. Karen

  28. Love the blog, you’re living my kind of life and proudly in my town!!

  29. Thanks for your insight. How I wish I had a pizza oven just like yours! Please sign me up!

  30. Please sign me up! fellow fly fisherman

  31. Love it!

  32. Mary Bremner said:

    Read about your blog in Good Weekend. Love your stuff! We are two enthusiastic gardeners on the Surf Coast.

  33. Wow- just read about you in ” The Age” . I live just out of Ballarat ( at a place called Mount Bolton) and we do a fair bit of foodie trading amongst our friends- we kill our own meat – beef from our Dexters, pork fomr our pigs, goose, chook, duck, lamb etc. A friend makes soap from the pig fat . We make cheese from our Jersey cow milk and fetta from the goat’s milk. We have lots of eggs and also harvest wild fruit ( last year we did a big cider experiment) We all swap vegies and seeds and often have shared feasts. Very amateur bee keepers who ususally rely on apiarist neighbours to make sure the bees are well fed.
    This years local honey is light and delicious.
    I would love to meet you and talk about food swappingand share some food with you . We are in the phone book. You can’t have a name like ours and hide much !!
    Love your blog – fun is an enormous part of growing and harvesting and cooking what you grow!

    • Hey Kate, thanks for popping in to say hi! I often hunt rabbit at Beckworth! I love it up there. Are you on the red soil? I’d love to get some acres up there for doing exactly what your doing! All my stuff is limited to small scale compared to having land to raise animals! I’d love to come visit and food swap….yes please!

  34. Hi Ro,

    Have you got any Invertigo promo singles kicking around? only kidding.

    We used to work together at FMR back in the day… I work with Pete & Kelsey again now, we’ve got a design studio together.

    Kelsey saw you in the newspaper, good on you the blog is great!


    • Huh! Yeah Alex and the gang! It’s great to hear you guys still hanging out together!!!! I’ll go check out your site……no doubt that classic FMR Fighting above its weight promo design will be in the gallery.

  35. I’m in too.

  36. Love the flow of chatter. Want to read more

  37. Cant wait to link in keeps me motivated for my future dreams

  38. Sally London said:

    Please sign me up…

  39. Love it!

  40. Truly amazing reading your thoughts—I am inspired to live a more relaxed lifestyle–I have since moved to LA from NYC after 24yrs— my daughter and I are living with her father–my Ex and my goodness—I can’t tell you which is more stressful–I am determined to live stress free—Thanks for the dream of living your life for the moment–cant wait to read more–Can’t wait to someday have a beautiful garden of my own :) Cheers– to reading you Angel Annette

  41. Great blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

  42. Thank you for your blog, really inspirational! :)

  43. Lovely glimpses into another’s life far away but feeling right outside my door. Like my early picture books made the storybook children real to me. You’ve a gift!

  44. Loving this read. Reminds me of where I started my life… Growing up on a fruit orchard, surrounded by fruit, veg and eggs accompanied by a freezer full of rabbits and fish, my mum and dad still hunting and gathering at 76.
    So striving to get back there.
    Love your tenacity. Thanks for sharing!!!

  45. Todd Stanford said:

    Great blog.

  46. Hey Rohan, was just introduced to your site a couple days ago and can’t get enough. Love the smoke house video, now I have it in my mind to attempt a build of my own this winter! Can’t wait to read your next blog! Ps… Waiting impAtiently for the release of your book in Canada here

  47. Hi! sign me up please and thank you!!

  48. David Leviston said:

    I never thought there were so many people out there wanting to tune in to life – not the artificial stressball we are obliged to endure. See you on Thursday :)

  49. Nikki-Fay Baxter said:

    hi I would love to receive the updates, thank you.

  50. Food!

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