Firstly let me just say thank you to all those who have at some point taken the time to read my blog. The only reason I continue with it is to share my world with you. And as some of you may know my world will also soon be available to read in the form of a new book, cleverly named Whole Larder Love after the name of the blog. It took a team of creative geniuses to come up with the name for the book. My initial suggestion for the book title was ‘Cooking and Stuff with Rohan’ but the publishers didn’t like that idea. Apparently it didn’t have the right ring they wanted.


I have two publishers, one in America and one based in my home country Australia. Thus there are two versions, and the distinction is in measurements, imperial and metric. Pick your choice. Below I’ve provided two links for orders. The book appears to be online at many internet retailers, and it will also be available in all good bookstores of course, so order where you want to, but remember the difference for US and Australian measurements.

Here are the release dates and links:

AUSTRALIA (Released September 26th)- PRE-ORDER HERE at Readings and get a signed copy.

USA and the rest of the world (Released October 9th)- Amazon ORDER HERE