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I’m often asked how much time I spend on working for my food. The answer is very little really. Once a veg garden is set up you don’t need to do much ongoing maintenance. Maybe I’m just used to it – the work in the patch that is. To be honest, once the plant is in the soil you just keep an eye on it, water it when it’s dry and then harvest it. It’s really not hard. The same goes for keeping chooks. Once you’ve built the hens’ enclosure, you just have to feed and water them and collect the eggs.

Nothing is hard in life unless you allow it to be hard. How you live you life is a matter of choice. I choose not to watch telly. I choose to work for most of my food. I choose to grow veg, to look after some chooks, to hunt, to fish and to learn what food I can take from the wild.


This is not applicable to everyone. And what I do here on this blog is merely a documentary of what I get up to. It’s my food story. It’s open to the reader to take what they want and possibly the reader (you) may incorporate some elements of the WLL approach, and maybe you won’t. That’s your choice…isn’t that fantastic?! I don’t say that what I do is the perfect answer, it’s just what works for me. It’s my priority in life to work at the production of the food for the house…and let me reiterate…not all of the food, but most of it. I don’t grow wheat, I don’t own a flour mill, I don’t make salt or cheese. I’m totally realistic of the fact that I’m striving to be ‘semi’ self-sufficient…not totally self-sufficient. There is a big difference. But I truly believe that if a lot of people tried to grow SOME veg and shopped from local producers we’d reduce food miles dramatically, and slightly sever that umbilical chord we have to the supermarkets of bland.

This approach to food and life might not be yours. And that’s the rad part. Especially in regards to my life and blogging…as a reader you just take out of it what you want.


Here is a breakfast meal that I’m really proud of. It’s a poster child for my work to be semi self sufficient. I grew the asparagus, made the tomato passata, collected the eggs from my hens and flavoured it with fresh garden herbs. I love meals like these, where I’ve been responsible for the production of the raw ingredients and the cooking. It’s really simple but it made me really happy when I ate it. I really do adore these most basic of pleasures. It’s a little reward for the effort I’ve put in. I don’t know…maybe I’m a dreamer. Yes, I am a dreamer. But I’m happy to say I’ve put this dream into action. For that I am glad.

The next round of veg has been planted in the toilets rolls we’ve been saving. Spring will lead into summer and we’ll be blessed with plenty of vegetables. I chose to spend a few hours with my girls on the weekend planting the spring veg. It’s always about choice.