I have a mental list of things to do in my life. Don’t we all!

One of them is to learn to play blues harmonica. Another is to hunt deer in America, another is to go fly fishing with my friend Joakim in Sweden. I have many things that I’d like to do in this short life. One of them was to build a log cabin. But that’s off the list now. I built a log cabin smokehouse recently, so now my list is one item shorter.

Thankfully the guys at Smith Journal and Commoner (the filmmakers) were there to capture the project from start to finish. It’s a collaboration that I’m glad to have been a part of.

My bacon, trout, eel, salmon and many more items will now get the slow smoking touch. And the beauty of it is that it’s portable. It can be pulled apart, the logs loaded on a trailer and moved to another place if needed. And for those people wondering…the logs I used are an invasive weed species in Australia, pinus radiata. I harvested the logs from a property that has a pine problem in native bush. Now that weed problem is a diminished problem! All the roofing iron and floor boards I sourced from house wreckers, thus totally recycled.

The whole build is available to read in the new issue of Smith Journal. Details here.
While you’re waiting for your copy in the mail….you can watch the film.

The Smokehouse from Smith Journal on Vimeo.

Thanks to Mark and Aaron at Commoner for their excellent film work.

Thanks to Nadia and the dudes at Smith Journal.

Thanks to the mates that came over for a few cold hours on a cold and rainy Sunday to help peel logs.

Thanks to my brother who spent two cold days helping me chop and peel pine.