The wind howled last night. I mean really howled.

So much so that I couldn’t sleep with the thought of one of the huge 100 yo trees falling on the school house. Well, not only that, I actually had other things on my mind. As I do most nights. Waking up sometime in the middle, thinking like a mad hatter. It’s when I come up with all my ideas. And those ideas are the things that restrain me from any further slumber. Not only did we have wind gusts of near 120km per hour but we also had a full moon. So bright was the moon that I thought of getting the gun and taking a midnight hunt. Rabbits are in big numbers this year, the season has been kind to them – plenty to eat – which means there is plenty for us to eat.

Just in case you were wondering, I didn’t end up going for that midnight hunt, instead I lay in bed, staring at the bright moon, coming and going behind the fast-moving storm clouds. It was a sight to see, as its white light made the large old pine out my window a stark contrast of silhouette. I loved the intensity of last night’s wind. I appreciate the reminder that nature rules supreme, it’s reassuring.

That stormy weather tells me that the change in season is on its way. We always seem to get the violent stuff on the handover of seasons, it’s like they’re in battle for supremacy. Winter is trying to hold on while Spring is claiming its new territory. The winner is inevitable. We’re fortunate enough to bear witness to that awesome power of the wind as it brings seasonal change.

As I lay thinking, I made a substantial list of things that need to be done during waking hours. Most importantly is to sow the seeds for the spring and summer planting. I just can’t put it off anymore. Nature sure won’t wait for me.