It was so ‘hot’ that I had to take my scarf off, and carry my jacket. I almost worked up a sweat from the heat wave of 15C.

Okay so I’m being a turkey. It’s still winter, let’s not try and fool anyone. But it’s drawing ever so close to the end of the season that most folk despise. I don’t mind it. Sure it is a challenging season, but I like the challenge of trying to get through it without going mad with the cold, the wind and the dragon breath of steam that is present any given winter morning at the old school house.

I’ve been mending my baby seedling-raising-house after a mixture of kids and weather took care of her structural integrity and plastic lined walls. It’s not a flash looking seed hot house, it’s more like a laundry cupboard with walls of clear builders’ plastic, but it gets heated from the sun and warms the seed raising mix enough to give a bunch of veg the head start they need. Then when they’re ready and the beds are ready, into the ground they go and before you know it, I’m staring at them on a hot, summer day with a cold beer in my hand, thanking the dude/chick above for the lovely gift of nature.


All up I have around 50 veg and herbs on the to-be-planted list and a handful of these are already in the ground doing their best to grow. It’s always a romantic night in sorting out the next round of spring planting. I lit a few kerosene lamps to provide just enough golden light for my poor handwriting to make a list. I put on some Al Green, burnt some incense and sat down and discussed…San marzano or Rouge de marmande? We’ll have them both, thanks. And plenty of basil too, thanks. It’s a nice feeling looking at the beauty of the seeds – the beans, peas and shallots, all the different shapes and colours are spectacular in their own way. And you only see them in this form for a short while, because before long they’re buried deep in the soil taking in nutrients and water and metamorphosing into something we’ll take great pleasure in cooking and eating.


NB. No actual incense was burned or Al Green played in the production of this season’s spring planting list. Although some wine was consumed and we did laugh about how romantic the evening wasn’t.