The traditional bangers and mash is a simple po’mans food. It’s a winter favourite for many, and I thought I’d play with the standard version and try something slightly different. I cooked Osso Bucco during the week and I had plenty of the sauce remaining so heated her up (with a little added red wine) and I popped that sauce on top of the parmesan infused mashed spuds.

The hero of the dish – the sausage – was made by my pig-raising mates at The Farmers Larder. I love the ethos of these guys, they (Stew & Lou) truly love good food and care about it as much as the way it was raised, and in turn they treat their beasties with much love. I love that I have people in my food circle who are doing wonderful things.

I cooked the sausage with the skin removed and sprinkled that delish pork on top. A few almonds, and the was job done. Man food indeed.