A few weeks ago two fella’s came up from the city to stay a while with us at the school house. Cory the man behind the site ‘Mr Blanc’ contacted me a while back and wanted to get an insight into my daily life and so a weekend was organised. If you’re not familiar with the Mr Blanc site, it’s a Melbourne based feature site where Cory meets with blokes that are doing stuff. Generally stuff of substance.


He and he’s mate the talented writer Raynor came up on one of the coldest, wettest, windiest nights. We braved the elements and went on a hunt, we shared a few fancy ales and sat round the open fire trying our best to thaw out from a night out in wet grass and howling fresh winds. In the morning we ventured out to the pines and searched for mushrooms. We got quite a haul.


I cooked a few meals for these lovely blokes from the city. I hope they both come back to visit. If anything it’s great to be constantly meeting talented creative people.

The full feature article (part #1 at least) is available to read here on the Mr Blanc site. Go check it.

*photos courtesy of Cory White @ Mr Blanc