Bear with me guys. I know this time of year I go on about wandering through the forests looking for the autumn culinary delight that is the wild mushroom, but I can’t help it. It’s a real love of mine. I look forward to it so much, and when it arrives I truly cherish it like god loves the poor.

At the beginning of the season I tend to cook the mushrooms in the most basic of ways with minimal added flavours. This way I get to close my eyes with each mouthful and enjoy that woody earthy taste of the Saffron Milk Cap and the slimy ‘porcini-esqness’ of the Slippery Jack. As the season continues I start adding extra flavours like chorizo, salami and all the herbs that marry well with wild food, thyme, rosemary and sage.


This last week I’ve been experimenting with a breakfast dish that I’m obsessing about getting right. I cook the mushrooms dry with finely sliced chorizo (with just a tad of olive oil) and I cook them to the point where I know there could do with a splash of flavour goodness, that’s when I add the wine. About a cup of dry white, it sizzles angrily at me, steam goes everywhere, the smell is sublime. It’s such an exciting, fiery thing to cook first thing in the morning! I cook out the wine and gently simmer it for a while (with added herbs and garlic) then I add butter and let that make a sauce (which with the saffrons makes an orange sauce base) to which I add the mascarpone which makes develops a creamy base full of wild intense flavours. Mascarpone…what a great cheese.

I truly love cooking this way, where I get to experiment each morning. The first time I made this version I loved it. It was such an eye opener. I’ve never been able to get the combination right since. Which is rather frustrating but it’s a great process trying each morning. I’ve even tried a squeeze of lemon to give it a zing.

I love food. I love where my food comes from. I wish more people had an appreciation for such things. I believe we’d have happier people walking around. To eat food like this is a daily adventure, and I feel blessed. When I see cars lined up at fast food outlets I’m saddened for the future of humanity. Truly saddened. I’m sad for my children. That they will want to eat take away food, and I’ll have to be the bad guy imposing my morals on them.

How can I show people what is really out there. How can I show people the processes involved to get that chicken burger onto their plates? How wrong it is. How can I convince people that where we are as a western civilisation is so removed from reality and quite wrong in many aspects?


I guess all I can do is continue to write about what is out there. I can share my passion. Maybe one day there might be a moment where I can speak and people will listen. I hope people will listen. It’s a beautiful world we have, and we should be treating her much better then we do. What we eat has a big impact on nature. Trying to convince the general populace of that is a challenge.


PS. Let me say that I’m not perfect. I’m not professing to be perfect. I do try to make the right choices. I don’t always get it right.