I get asked many times what camera I use for this blog, and to be honest I find it difficult to answer all the technical details. It’s not that I don’t know them, I’m a tech nerd at heart it’s just that my high school photography mentor drilled it into me that it’s not the camera that makes the photo it’s the person controlling the tool.

Saying that I will now admit that I’ve been shooting with nikon DSLR’s for many years..that is until this week. I’ve jumped ship and changed to Canon. Why? Well to be honest I just wanted something different to what I’ve been using for so long, I wanted to be challenged. I like change. I don’t like it when things get stale. Life is short, really short and it’s a good thing to put yourself in uncomfortable places sometimes. My parents just visited a cousin that’s pretty ill, my uncle is ill, I’ve been through stuff in recent times. It’s a beautiful trip we’re on, so lets make the most of it.

I’d been shooting nikon so long I ended up so comfortable with them that I’d shoot with my eyes closed. As cliche as it sounds, those cameras had become a part of me, an extension of my creativity. Like another hand.

Now I have a different camera, it does the same job. It takes photographs. Moments in time captured in still. That concept still freaks me out. How we have the technology to capture a moment, a thing, a visual memory is phenomenal and is something to be use and treasured. That’s what’s important….not the brand, not how much you spend on a camera, not how new it is……don’t you think? So please don’t get caught up in what is the right camera to use. Just go with what feels right, and what captures that moment.

Tonight was my first night with the new camera. I made a Quail Ragu with couscous the only photo I took was of my veg. I ate the little roasted legs wrapped in prosciutto before I could take a photograph……my bad.