I’ve photographed so many choreographed moments of couples ‘love’ to make me never want to go to a wedding ever again. In fact I will probably have to be dragged by a team of bullocks to get me to one after my last one in mid April. As a photographer it’s all been work. And unending, on top of my existing full time work. I started with a dream to get somewhere. To ‘get ahead’. But all I’ve done is get behind in looking after me. We get so lost along the way. Sometimes there feels like no escape. And I feel guilty about wanting to escape.

Anyway if you want to find me after mid april I’ll be somewhere here* in one of these places of solitude and peace. Far from being owned by responsibility, far and the monotony, the shallowness and often pointlessness of modern living.

*Here is only in my head as I can’t afford to have a cabin. How is the irony of it all? Even after working my arse off all these years often having three jobs at a time I can’t actually afford to live simply in a modest hand built cabin. But I can live my life with a a mortgage resting heavily on my shoulders, plenty of personal debt and an unending supply of bills. Surely there is a better option than this.

All images from http://freecabinporn.com/