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The inevitable season change has come and my summer veg is looking a little worse for wear. The extra moisture and cool temperature have turned my lovely looking zucchini plants into a pile of sad sack rubbish looking foliage. They’re covered in a mildew substance yet to be identified (don’t really care what and please don’t tell me if you know what it is as I like living with mystery) and the large jungle size leaves are now a pale white.

I plucked the last few zucchini and made an ultra evil cheesy pasta with Philly cream, peppered peccorino, white wine, smoked eel, lemon, pine nuts and fresh basil.

We’ve had a good supply of zucchini over summer, that we’ve grown in our little cottage garden and now it’s time to pull up the sad looking plants and pop in some winter veg.

Oh and this dish works well with plenty of cracked Tasmanian Mountain pepper…not that everyone is as lucky as I am to have access to it but a lovely friend got me some hand picked off a hillside somewhere in Tasmania.