I’m in love with simple. The simpler and less complicated the better. Probably what explains my love for gardening. Could it get an more basic than growing food for the families consumption? Maybe it can, but for me it’s a beautiful thing to do, and I shall continue to do it until I discover bikram yoga or the health benefits of paying money to eat good bacteria (wtf). Growing vegetables for yourself…it’s so simple to do, and so bloody rewarding. This time of the year the garden constantly returns the love that I’ve been putting in by providing me with endless supply of tasty goodness. So much so that I have to research new and varied ways in which to store it for a later consumption. I don’t mind the extra work because it’s the holding of the produce in my hand that gives me the joy. And if you knew me in person you’d know I’m not really a very happy person. But when I look and hold something that I’ve created, something so beautiful and simple, I am for that short moment a little bit happy.

I take my time to admire the differences, the similarities and the undoubtable uniqueness in all natural things. My Dad once told me ‘there are no straight lines in nature son”. Something that pretty well much determined the remainder of my life. I’m bent, I’m broken in parts and I’m a flawed model. But I’m me. Nothing I can do to change that. It’s natural and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A friend of mine is in slash and burn mode. She’s slashing slashing slashing like a carpet and rug salesman slashing rugs down to low low prices. She’s getting rid of things in her life that she no longer requires. Dispensing of the clutter. I admire that so much, not many of us have the guts to do that. We do the opposite, we tend to acquire extra clutter. I feel sometimes like my life is only clutter. If life clutter was a sport I’d be a professional in the extreme freestyle version of it. And I’m not just talking about a messy yard, the constant toys and clothes being deposited on the floor or the chaos I leave behind in the kitchen but more so the clutter of people, clients, routine, relationships, stress, expectations and endless anxiety. That’s the clutter that I want to rid myself of. We all should.

Unfortunately most of the time we fail (me included) because we just keep truckin’ like Cledus driving that truck full of Coors beer from Texas to Georgia in the timeless classic Smokey and The Bandit.

I want to make an effort to slash those things out of my life. Dispense of the unnecessary and appreciate the simple and take solace in what’s real and generally lovely and stuff.

They’re just vegetables dude. Get over it.

I raised a bunch of pumpkins of all variety. Not all are ready to harvest but here is a sample. Stunningly beautiful don’t you think?

Three of these tomato variety I didn’t even plant, they just popped up from last years plantings. Yeah like gardening is really hard and stuff.

I love these beans. Love. Is that wrong? I think not.