It’s around this time of year that I start taking more exploritory drives into the forest looking for the first of the autumn mushrooms. This time last year I think we’d had the right weather and a few pine mushrooms were feasted upon. I thought with the bit of moisture we’d had of late that our fungus friends would have popped their heads from out of the soil. I was so sure I packed my box of supplies for an immediate mushroom cook up in the field. But as hard I looked (and trust me I looked in all the spots I know)….Nada!

So I dropped into Graceview and had a chat with my mate JB, made more plans for the big veg patch and picked up some eggs from our chooks. A little fry up with chorizo, thyme and garlic, not exaclty what I had in mind but a nice substitute. With my belly happy I drove around looking for dream properties and well…..generally dreaming. The light was fantastic yesterday with a fuel reduction burn somewhere up north (around Newstead?) which covered us down south with a golden sky as the sunlight tried to penetrate the smoke creating a wonderland of warm light. Although from what I hear it also made any clothes hanging outside smell like bush fire. I don’t mind that smell but not everyone’s cup of tea I suppose.