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Looking at my blog lately you’d make an assumption that I’m an obsessed carnivore on a mission. The truth is, I’m just putting together the final few recipes for my book, and they just happen to be the meat ones. I’m not one of those blokes that eats steak after steak or chop after chop. In fact I find beef particularly boring at times. There are so many better tasting meats out there. Beef to me is like pre-shaved packet parmesan cheese compared to a wheel of reggiano parmigiano. Don’t get me wrong, at times it can be good, but lamb for instance is a much more interesting meat than beef. But each to their own. My opinion is not shared with the majority of Australian ‘blokes’.

I’m still not convinced that cattle are a good option to have as our prime grazing animal in Australia. Sure some parts of the country are probably equipped to handle these massive beasts, but the rest of the country is mostly far too delicate in regards to soil structure and vegetation. And I spent time growing up on a beef farm, I ought to know what damage they can do. Saying that, sheep do just as much damage in the same sensitive regions. The reason I eat minimal of both beast.

If I’m going to eat beef it’s probably going to be in it’s minced form or as a blade steak suited to be cooked low and slow with plenty of added flavour, in this instance the flavour takes the form of a few bottles of red wine. And just because one type of meat just isn’t enough I added a few Tuscan Sausages made by my lovely butcher, John Harbour in Ballarat. Pies are not my favourite thing to eat, but every now and then if the mood takes me I’ll whip one of these up. Such an easy and malleable type dish. It’s all about putting your stamp on the filling. The pastry is simply a dry top, nothing more. It’s all about the sauce. So this recipe is a take on beef bourguignon with my twist. Chilli, a few spices and Italian sausage. Why not? A meat pie is a manly kind of a dish…isn’t it? And this man pie is so manly it needs a moustache Burt Renoyld’s style, Smokey and The Bandit era.