So I’m chopping vegetables and making relish and chutney…it’s that time of year. What gets to me is the pile of discarded parts. It sits there next to my chopping board piled up and ready to be forgotten. It’s the seeds from the peppers, the skins from the tomato and the jackets off the onions. They pile up as I slice and chop, tears building in my eyes…(from the onions dudes….whatever).

They’re destined for the compost, these ‘scraps’. But it’s not the end for them, it’s just the next stage in that cycle of being a living organism. I’ve seen these living things start from a scattering of dry inanimate seeds sitting in the palm of my hand, then I’ve been witness to their baby arms stretching out of the soil to be warmed by sunlight, and finally I’ve seen them reach the age when they’re ready to serve the purpose they were intended for…to be eaten. It’s a funny cycle, but not in a ha ha way. We face they same cycle and it’s shit. In fact it’s very fucked. But there is some solace in those moments. There is a beauty. It’s there, it doesn’t need explaining. You see it or you don’t. What I see is joy from the food we grow, I feel happiness when we consume it. I feel happiness raising these little beasties. And the ones that slip through the cracks, well I love them just as much.

So Rohan, why don’t you just shut up and make the relish already?