Summer rain. It makes all the hot days of summer worthwhile.

The garden seems to welcome the rain with open arms. There is a moment in the day just prior to the clouds opening up, when the garden gets excited and there is a sense of eager anticipation…maybe it’s just me and I should spend less time with my plants. No matter how much I hose the garden over summer with tap water it never responds as well as when it’s thirst is quenched from a good drench of rain.

There’s a beauty in watching the rain wash away the dust and grime of the summer, it’s like a fresh start. It heralds the oncoming season, there is definitely a clensing effect. If it wasn’t for the lightning I’d stand in the rain with open arms and be cleansed myself. Yes okay I’m a hippie…..whatever. As corny as it sounds, I love the raw power of nature. A thunderous summer storm is nature in it’s most basic form, all powerful and non selective. It puts us back in our place, reminding us how insignificant we are. I like that. In a few days time the heat of summer will return and my plants will grow at tropical speed with the magical combination of moisture and sun.

Then all at once the heat will disappear, the cool wind will arrive and will announce the onset of Autumn and thus another season in our lives. But for now I will hold onto what remains of this current summer before it becomes just a distant memory.