12 hour round trip. Hot summer weather. Endless highway. Tired child passengers. Truck stop dinning. Totally worth it.

My lovely friend organised an open day for her home town of Tallangatta, which sits at the foothills of the high country of north east Victoria. In summer it’s hot and dry, but there is relief from the cool breeze that feathers over the seemingly endless Lake Hume. The town is old and slow. Just how I like them. Hints of the old days are spotted up and down the high street. Things don’t change much around here and that’s a good thing. I’m a great believer in not changing things if they’re perfectly functional as they are.

If this was an open day with the intention of introducing people to a little piece of paradise then I’m hooked. The country fair was brilliant. It had all the things you’d expect; live music, face painting, food stalls, crafts and old wares…of which I bought for too many. There was however one stall totally unexpected but very much welcome. Two blokes from Melbourne came up with a devilish idea to make cool refreshing Pims to sell to us hot and thirsty punters. I’m still getting my Pims legs, but I’m now totally sold on making it from scratch and not just out of a Pims bottle especially when it’s served with fresh cucumber, strawberry, mint and orange. Thank you fella’s for introducing me to yet ANOTHER addictive summer drink!!

And while I’m thank you’s, I must thank Frans lovely parents for their amazing hospitality and warm welcome. I’m looking forward to a slow weekend up in Tallangatta one day soon.

I was not aware until this weekend that apparently Hawaiian shirts are mandatory attire when making Pims from scratch. I must get’s me one!