Putting aside all the politics…..

This little garlic and red wine marinated Kangaroo had the grill treatment and got served with a warm potato salad made from stuff out of the patch. It’s a great little salad, with yellow zucchini, capsicum, chilli and Dutch Cream potatoes laced with a spanish style spice dressing of red wine vinegar, pimenton, cumin, chilli and olive oil. And to give a little zing I added a spoon of olive tapenade with tomato and garlic.

The politics of it all…

Each little corner on earth has a species of animal that has evolved to be perfectly suited to it’s surroundings. It requires no fences, no feeding from us and definitely no chemical intervention.

If they are palatable and we desire to utilise them as a food source then they generally only come into contact with us the once. So in the view of some people it’s a pretty good life they live.

We live in country Victoria, and part of the country lifestyle is ‘enjoying’ our regional TV programming, of which the most enjoyable part is the ads. Stunning ads specifically made with the farmer in mind. Ads for chemical pesticide sprays, drenching treatments for sheep, worming sprays and modified pasture crop seeds. Makes you wonder how much of this tampering with our food is good for us and how much not so much.

So cut a long story short. This is why we eat Kangaroo. The only problems is I’m not/we’re all not allowed to hunt this beast which is the most sustainable red meat in Australia. Why? Logic seems to not be involved in the decision. They (kangaroos) are in plague numbers due to the altered landscape, now mostly cleared and provides endless food resources for grazing mobs of kangaroos. Modified pastures, grain crops and general grazing land are like a take away food for hungry kangaroos. Farmers hate them, we love them (well to be precise we love to EAT them). So why not find a compromise? Well the truth is that if hunting of Kangaroos was permitted then there would be public outrage from many city dwellers and no doubt international outrage. Moose, Caribou, Squirrel and Deer are hunted in the north, their native environment, no problem. Why it is frowned upon for us to harvest this great natural resource. The aboriginals have been hunting them for over 40,000 years. But unless you have an Authority to Control Wildlife permit from the government you are not allowed to hunt the meat. So anyone got a farm with a kangaroo problem?

So let’s just double check that dish again…..mmmmmm delicious…