The summer bounty is coming in thick and fast. Our lovely friends recently gave us a few buckets of their organic plums so we went to work making a batches of cinnamon infused jam for easy morning breaky’s for the next year (or how ever long they last!). They have a great taste, with the sweetness of the natural sugar, added sugar and the tartness from the skins. It’s a bit of an explosion in the mouth to be honest.

This time of the year, heading into Autumn is true harvest time for us. Soon we’ll be in glut of some veg and I’ll be busy making the next years supply of zucchini relish, spicy seasons end green chutney and pickling a few beasties…(this week it was cucumber). I’m really hoping we get some hot weather in march and over the next few weeks as I took a gamble and planted a few new rounds of beans to bolster our stores for winter. I totally underestimated harvest quantities with my initial borlotti and cannelloni plantings, so I’ve planted a second wave and I hope the flower and fruit in time. Also I didn’t have as much success with onions this year so I’ve planted another wave of them along with more leek. At least I got the garlic right! Imagine running out of the garlic! Well I guess I’d just have to bite the bullet and buy some. A bit of a heartbreaking thought, as I love my own garlic. Breaking all the ‘normal’ gardening rules I went and planted some last weekend and I’m hoping for a spring harvest. Apparently the rule is plant on the shortest day and harvest on the longest…but that’s never worked for me. Maybe my kitchen garden is as bent as I am.

And I love it (my garden) for that very reason. Each night at this time of year I sneak out to the back yard with a colander and a knife and I harvest some food return to the kitchen and make something. I’m currently loving my new concuction Ro-atouille. It’s an easy way to cook up the fresh summer veg and it’s even better the next day on crusty toast for a hearty breakfast. Last night I made it with the first of my peppers. This one a purple pepper of some sort…(I’m really slack at seed labelling). If it grows well and is a recognisable veg I’ll save some seed for next year. I have a heap of pumpkins growing this time of year, and I can only identify three types, Baby Blue, French Potimarron and Butternut. The rest are called pumpkin surprise. But who ever thought I’d be good at following rules.

Sometimes I’m of the thought that a tomato is a tomato and a pumpkin is a pumpkin. Know what I mean? I know that’s going to annoy a few people…heck that’s what I do well. But in the great worlds of Alfred E. Neuman….”What…Me Worry?”

Happy harvest time beautiful people!