Love this time of year. Actually I love every season of the year, but summer provides the most produce and thus the most excitement on a regular basis. It’s the self sufficiency gardening drug. Of which I get a hit of every day in summer…..I’m like totally addicted.

Spuds, cucumber (to be pickled) and straight carrots. And I have a ‘dirt – y’ little secret in regards to successful straight carrot growth. Use the right dirt….in fact use potting mix (or mulch if your from the UK). I’ve been growing these bad boys in middle of the road potting mix as I’ve observed that carrots are not fans of super fertile soil where they’ll twist and gnarl resulting in a stunted beast that only a mother could love…or even look at. Hideous depressing things that they are. But in potting mix they grow big, straight and rather happy. I hear them talking amongst themselves. They love the working conditions.

The spuds, on the other hand, like plenty of goodness in the soil. This bunch was a bit of an experiment where we grew them in potting mix in grow bags. Fail. They ended up reaching only half the size of the spuds that we grew in soil rich in compost. Some like it hot and some don’t I guess.
I’m always learning in this game. I never once said I was an expert. I am however a life long student of nature.