Andy finished making our wood fired oven and we’ve been lighting a few small quick fires (less than five hours) in it all week to draw the moisture out of the bricks and mortar. Last night it was finally ready for a long cook.

Pizza all round! We invited a heap of friends but no one could make it. Pity though, as it was a feast of beautifully tasting simple food. We started with a simple garlic and thyme pizza, followed with a few others with ingredients zucchini, prosciutto, bocconcini and fresh basil. It’s great having the oven in the garden where most of the ingredients are grown. We only had to walk a few metres to pluck out the ingredients of zucchini, basil and thyme, and the garlic was grown here too. And of course the tomato paste is made from our home made passata. Life is grand.

The small fires during the week were a great opportunity to cook using the heat from the coals and flame, so I slow cooked some of the most amazing spiced sausages I’ve had in a long time. They oozed with beautiful succulent tasting pork only slightly enhanced with paprika, some heat delivered with chilli and of source some secret spices. Simply cooked with a few onions out of the garden…delish. The snags made by my friends at The Farmers Larder who raise pigs the way they should be. They’re is no need to use buzz words organic, gourmet, artisan, free-range etc. These guys just do it how it should be done. It’s worth popping over to their site to learn a little more about them.

I think Peggy has found her little spot under the fire. I figure she’ll reserved this spot for little winter naps when the fired is going full speed.

So the wood fired oven is a success. It’s a nice addition to our little garden taking pride of place and making me smile when I see it through the kitchen window each morning. Happy days.

Thanks Andy (and thanks Margie for all those lost Saturdays when we stole Andy away from you)