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Somebody recently asked me how much percentage of the food I eat is home grown. I was stumped. I’m the first to admit that I’m terrible at maths. I more of a dreamer, a thinker a ponderer of thoughts. It’s known to people close to me that I’m no calculator. It’s probably why I was more inclined in my teen years, to fall in love with the two subjects that I still am fascinated with to this day, biology and photography. But I digress.

Someone also asked me why don’t I post every meal I eat. Surely you eat more than just rabbit? Well of course I do. It’s summer so we eat a lot of store bought wild shot kangaroo, which is the most sustainable source of red meat in Australia. Next to that is chicken. (No brainer that we buy organic free range….blah blah).

I guess the key difference is that we contribute a good deal of everything else on the plate from produce sourced from our soil. For example, today I made a prawn salad. And to show the ‘maths’ I’ll break down the meal.

Store bought:
Australian Prawns (raw)
Balsamic vinegar
vegetable oil
goats cheese

Home grown:
Prawn marinade of garlic, chilli oil, kaffir lime leaves
Baby kiffler potato
apple cucumber (from mums garden)
cos lettuce
black lettuce
mixed leaf lettuce
chicory leaf

So you can see it’s not all or nothing. I lack the ways an means to catch the prawns, and yes they’re not local so they’re a special treat we’ll have maybe a few times over summer. But what we can do is provide a lot of things to go with it, that we can grow ourselves. I think that’s a thing with peoples perception of living semi self-sufficiently. It’s intimidating because people think they have to do everything or they feel they’re not doing the system any justice. Well it’s not the case with us, otherwise we’d starve. Man cannot live on rabbit and water alone. ;-)

We’re not perfect. Far from it. However we are trying to make a difference in how we live, by minimising our impact on the world by growing/hunting/fishing/foraging as much as we can within reasonable means. What ever percentage that might be.