The last little snippet of time off work was spent down on the coast in the Otways. It’s a stunning place where temperate rain forest meets the cool ocean water of Bass Strait It was a great diversion from the day to day of abnormality back home. And again it was time for us to re-charge and prepare for the year ahead. We camped very simply, with daily walks on the beach exploring the rock pools, swimming in the shallow water with the kids (all of us acting like children) and strolling through rainforest to see the magnificent beauty of tree ferns and waterfalls.

We bumped into a large family of divers and keen fishermen who where nice enough to share some of the amazing food they had caught and foraged from under the water. Garlic and butter marinated Abalone, Lobster and fish. I asked to be taught how shuck Abalone from it’s shell, of which I enjoyed and just had to keep the first shell from my efforts. And for those wanting to try diving for Abalone….go check the local and state laws. Next year I plan to dive and get some fresh food for the family to enjoy around the camp fire at night.

*NB – I did not feed the wild animals anything on this trip, nor did I feed my dog cooked bones.