Normally I ‘rabbit’ on about growing veg and shooting rabbits, but there is one part of my life that keeps me sane….camping.

It’s a must, it’s mandatory, it’s vital, it’s life giving and soul saving. It’s that hour at night you get to stare deep into the flickering of the camp fire, get mesmerised and release all those thoughts that have been bringing you down. It’s that realisation that we make life complicated with things, when in reality all we need is the basics. It’s being humbled by looking up at the stars. It’s being honest to yourself, and not being caught up in fashion, trends, hype and peer pressure. When was the last time you where honest to yourself? For me this is a time when I reassess everything. I’m quiet, reserved, deep in thought. I love the travel to the camp, it encourages great anticipation.

This trip I had good camp vibes. I love that everything is harder than normal. Boiled water is precious. Fresh food is precious. Sleep is blissful. Nature is everywhere. And it’s beautiful.