One of my favourite things to do is be outside. Heading up to the Snowy Mountains in the NSW high country is about the ultimate version of being outside.

A week fishing the high alpine waters of the Eucumbene River, one of Australia’s most pristine environments is just what I needed after such a busy year. Now I feel a bit refreshed and ready to go on the next year of adventure.

I cut a video whilst on the trip, and couldn’t wait to try video editing for the first time. The camera work is a bit dodgy but it gives you a general idea of my past week….although you’d swear I didn’t actually go because I did all the filming and don’t feature in the video. No I haven’t lost a heap of weight and aged a decade or so…..that bloke is my fishing mate Jeff, who over six months ago offered to take me to his spot. For that I am very grateful and also for the tuition and guidance he gave me for the fickle mistress that is fly fishing. Thank you Jeff….especially for your patience when I was constantly shooting more footage. Until next year mate…..when we will again fish like wild men, feast like kings and drink like lords.

Eucumbene River from Rohan Anderson on Vimeo.