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This seasons first tomatoes are on the vine and I’m ridiculously excited.

Although it’s been another slow start to spring (with more cooler days than warm ones and excessive moisture) the process of growth has continued to truck along, and for my efforts I’m rewarded with fruit on the vine.

Why everyone else doesn’t grow their own is beyond me. Put aside the obvious environmental benefits, there is a great sense of joy and achievement you get from seeing your hard work turn into something you can feed the family with. For example, I recently pulled out the first of the onions from the Graceview veg patch and you couldn’t wipe the smile from my face. Said smile expanded when I sliced that very onion for addition to a dish. Pure friggin joy! A sense of achievement and all that jazz. I think that’s one thing lacking in our current society……doing real things that require real effort that have a real result.

A dear friend of mine, (who admits to being a challenged carer of living plants) was recently so excited about spotting the first tomato in her potted garden, that she almost fell off her apartment balcony. I bet for the remainder of the summer that plant will be receiving more love from her than a chimp would at Jackson Neverland, and no doubt that very much loved tomato plant will in turn reward her with beautiful tasting tomatoes and a great sense of achievement from working hand in hand with nature.

It’s not just the tomatoes that are in full swing, but more exciting is the veg that’s ready to put on a plate. The broad beans are going nuts this time of year. They worked very well with some grilled chicken, smothered in my parsley pesto, a squeeze of lemon, some fried pancetta and blanched broad beans. Simple…not gouuuuurrrrmeT nor ‘foodie’ just basic real food.

Is it obvious that I really wish people would stop calling me a foodie!