It’s no secret that I’m a caged animal, my tiny country cottage yard is just holding me back. When I get the chance I travel out of town with the hope of finding that perfect little Waldon. A place where we can really sink our teeth into nature. And because I’m a romantic at heart I have a soft spot for the older places that have history. Just north of Ballarat is a small town that was farmed by many Italian migrants from the 1850’s onwards. They where resourceful, they survived off the land and up there it’s hard country. Their legacy is the architecture they left behind, they built amazing stone houses with the skills learnt in the old country. I’m not the only turkey with this strange penchant for restoring decayed buildings, and as such the prices for these places is ridiculously unreachable for a fella on my wages. So if there is a philanthropic person out there that wants to buy me a place to set up a sustainable living school please feel free to shower me with your excess wealth.

Not an old building but a few gems spotted on the road. Long Necks are being spotted everywhere this time of year. Good eating, they where eaten by the old people but probably illegal these days.

Even the Italian Pig Pen is nice!

This little gem would have cleaned up to be a great weekender.

In the mean time, I’ll be happy with the little joys in life. Like this cigar box that arrived from my friend in Sweden. Inside it was a handful of lovingly tied flies to test this summer with the fly rods, an amazing Swedish Hunting knife, and a very special photograph of a sunset from the first summer at Logcabineer head quarters. I’m hoping to make a trip to visit Sweden next September to visit this very place (pictured).

And the food sharing network still giveth, with a punnet of Boysenberries from my Polish mate and some Sweet Raspberries from my dear friend Em. I ate a few but couldn’t resist making a little jam which I will enjoy every morning for the next few weeks.

Loving these summer berries

For now the little bits of love will have to suffice. The Walden dream is still just that. A dream.