Greg Hattan is a man of many talents, up-cycling is just one of them. He makes stunning pieces of furniture using reclaimed timber, the kind of furniture pioneers would have made out of necessity and resourcefulness.

A few years ago Greg purchased the old Newstead Butter factory, 40min north of Ballarat. It’s a massive space, perfect for a bloke like Greg. We got to sneak in on one of their open days recently, and I recommend you do the same.

I think I almost convinced Greg to come hunting with me, as we tentatively made plans during a food swap. I scored some of his new honey, Elderberry Cordial and handful of Bull Boar Sausages in exchange for some pickled olives, jams, chutneys and fresh rhubarb.

Don’t you think the space around people tells a lot about them? Well see if you can get a vibe for Greg and his lovely gal Katie (due in ten days)!!!

I have to admit, I may have man space envy. What a place. Now….if I could only convince Greg that I should cook there!

The man himself….in light blue

How amazing is that table?

Yes I was imediatly drawn to the veg garden under a stunning Red Gum

Greg keeps bee’s….and this is one of the trays from his bee box and it weighed a tonne full of honey! And the Bullboar…..ggggaaarrrggllleee

Tootz taught me a few of her table tennis tricks on one of Greg’s creations

See the big industrial chimney? Thats what Greg cooks his pizza in! That massive old boiler, and the smoke exits from the chimney!

I have a soft spot for houses that back onto country rail