There is something wrong about eating bananas in the middle of a freezing winter in Ballarat.

For me, fruit is a summer/autumn deal. I grow a bunch of stuff, albeit in modest proportions. I have growing in my yard, Blueberry, Apple, Cheery, Grape, Fig, Raspberry and the kids’ (and birds favourite) Strawberry.

A friend of mine has an orchard of over 100 different fruit trees, and luckily for me he’s extremely generous in summer time, sharing his bounty with family and friends. One day when I have more soil, I too will plant an orchard. In summer we shall feast like kings, and in winter we will eat the fruit from glass jars that we will have preserved at harvest time.

And I’ll continue to shy away from Queensland grown fruit, no offence to my northern brothers. It’s just that it’s not local for me and I know that to get said fruit transported to me contributes to our environmental woes. If I actually lived in Queensland I’d eat fruit probably all year round! But I live in cold Ballarat, where living at the mercy of the seasons means I eat fruit in summer and Autumn.