How rad is spring? Even though I COULD complain that it has been too cool, and that my garden should be far more advanced at this time of the season, blah blah whinge whinge……I’d rather talk about how stoked I am with my little victories in the garden (yes I’m like totally rock and roll). I’ve been harvesting a few delights from the garden and I’ve willingly accepted gifts of other people’s backyard produce shamelessly! One day last week I was given a dozen home raised eggs, and a massive bag of artichokes. What a score! I did return the gifts though, with snow peas, my pickled olives, chutneys and jams. Like I said….I’m like totally bad-ass. That’s what I love about this season, the giving and taking. Celebrating the effort we’ve collectively put into our gardens, our animals and our kitchens. My friend recently called me a Redneck Hippie (in a good way). I guess I’m kind of Redneck looking on the outside but I think about serious things and stuff, and I grow some of my own food and live like I’m in a commune of sorts.

The fact is, that I love how on a personal level we can work and interact with our own private nature, our gardens, our rivers and the fields we hunt in. A few days a week I sit in front of a computer all day. It kills me. Totally kills me. I’d rather be paid for tending to some rich dude’s vegetable garden than doing what I do. For those stuck in an office, you know what I mean. But I am planning an escape. And it’s going to be brilliant.

In the meantime I’ll pick these broad beans and make veg slices (with added prosciutto for measure) and devour Pete’s fresh eggs and Jane’s delicious no fuss artichokes.