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So I pulled out a garlic on the weekend just to quench my nagging curiosity…..surely they weren’t ready yet…hold off…hold off….

I usually wait until after Christmas, when the plant looks pretty rough and has yellowed and flopped over. But on this day I got a bit cocky and so up one came. It was massive, and fully ready! I couldn’t believe it!

I have four staggered plantings of garlic this season, and this is my first, and it’s only half the batch! I left more than half of them in the soil. Stoked? Totally.

My little garden helper….I think she just had buttery garlic bread on her mind.

Second good thing to happen this weekend (in the garden) was harvesting the first artichoke of the season. It got the special treatment of a breadcrumb stuffing with mixed garden herbs then roasted in my olive oil. A beautiful meal! (especially with a glass of Sav!)