I cannot thank my parents enough for being early adapting tree-changers back in 1987. I remember Mum and Dad taking all us kids aside and asking us if we’d like to move to the country for real. It was like meeting Santa, minus the fake beard and wetting my pants.

With the decision made, Dad went on the look out for a small farm and one weekend, so impressed with the cheap price of this farm he bought it on site. Our little farm-let that we later affectionately called ‘Andervale’ I preferred Roville but that was taken. It’s a sad fact that it’s no longer in the family but that feeling of sadness dissipates when I look at these photos, especially the one of me wearing pink pants, I never had a chance did I! The life lessons I learnt on that farm resonate so strong as an adult. And it’s not only the farm experience that made me who I am, it was all the camping trips, the day trips into the bush, fishing off piers and being allowed to fish in our very own river. One day I will have this farm again, not the same place in a physical sense but the concept in motion. We will one day have our own farm to do as we wish. But I won’t make my kids wear pink pants.


Our massive veg patch. I think this was the first planting back in early summer 1988. It was the first big project we undertook. Dad spent hours behind that rotary hoe. He still talks about it to this day!

My big brother Chad and I, fishing for Trout in the Tarago river…..only 100 metres from our doorstep.


Fishing at Apollo Bay (I think)

Me cooking fresh River Crayfish plucked from our river. Not sure my brother enjoyed this batch by the look on his face!

The Landy I learnt to drive in…..that and a T16 Renualt, but as you can imagine I preferred the Landrover

I miss this canoe. It was great for little river adventures. I must get one again some day.