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For the last 6 months I’ve had to ‘endure’ reading about my northern friends summer exploits, and I’ll admit that it’s been painful. The warm afternoons on row boats, road trip surf adventures, and fishing and hunting stories to make a bloke like me cringe in pain desperate to hide his yearning for summer days. The worst of all were the freezing and rainy days, stuck in doors reading about good harvests and bumper crops.

Finally the tables have turned. Let me be clear that it’s not so much that I want to make my northern friends suffer in a blisteringly cold winter as some sort of sick payback (meewaaahhahahaha! [insert Evil mastermind laugh and rubbing of hands feverishly]), but merely I can take joy that my garden and my world once again come alive with natural activity. The start of a hot Australian summer is always exciting, albeit a little intimidating….will I fit into that man-kini again?

All the signs are there, if you’re willing to notice them. First it’s the plants in the garden, they start to grow with more ‘enthusiasm’. Then return the insects to do their work on the new season flowers. Birds busy themselves with nest building projects. And for those of us with a keen eye you get to notice all things ‘spring’ when you go out of the house, the little rabbits, the return of the flocks of Ibis, the call of the frogs and subsequent birthing foam, ducklings, signets, chicks in nests, lambs, calves. The local paddocks are filled with new crops and in town on the warmer days there is a marked increase in the number of pubescent girls wearing denim shorts cut far too short exposing butt cheek and demanding a good old talk on how NOT to be a slut *now replaced with TART* too early in life (what ever happened to femininity and long summer dresses?) Sometimes I wish I lived pre-1960’s.

I know I do tend to GO ON AND ON about my garden but if I could somehow transfer to you the feeling of joy I get by growing my own food in a blog post, I would only need to do it once. But be warned, because I cannot achieve this goal I shall bore you with garden posts. Our warm season has just started, our plates are being filled with meals made from our back yard produce and local fair. If you’re living in the north and it’s been snowing all night, then take solace in my upcoming warm weather posts, as I did in yours all winter. I guess this way allows us all to vicariously live the seasons online, the endless summer.

Fresh made egg noodle pasta for my rocket pesto and roast tomato meal

Rocket pesto spaghetti with Yendon tomatoes and Meredith Goats Cheese

The last of the Smoked Eel I caught a few weeks ago, cooked with a white wine cream sauce with crispy Melbourne prosciutto and fresh Gippsland Asparagus