It’s been a while since our last visit to see Doug at Captains Creek, it been far too long. We put aside other work responsibilities aside on the weekend and made our way back for a visit. To the Jazz sounds of RED! we feed on wood fired pizza’s, devoured the local cheese platters (mostly just me doing the devouring) and best of all we cherished each sip of the Captains wines and ciders. If you ever visit Daylesford for a weekend getaway, I urge you to put a visit to this seller door as a priority on your list of things to do. Preferably on the Saturday so you can indulge a little more than a Sunday just prior to a work day! We meet up at the seller door with a with a few friends, one in particular has recently built his own wood fired pizza oven, so we asked Doug for some cooking tips and Doug being the friendly chap as always gave us a run down of how his system works.

What a chilled way to spend a Sunday arvo. We made plans for the next hunting trip and even better we all invited ourselves to Margz and Andy’s place for a pizza night. Although I got the distinct impression that I’ll be doing the majority of the pizza cooking!

It’s so great to have this asset just down the road from us. I love our country life! It’s almost been ten years now, and I don’t see us ever moving back to the city.

The welcoming party…

The kids danced…shamlessly like no one was watching

I wanted to take this chair home with me for summer

One day I shall have my own pizza oven, and I shall call it Ol’ smokey

The boys and I planned our next rabbit hunt over a few collides (well more like sparkling pinot!) we’re such rugged men.