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I’ve been cooking. And cooking for a lot of guests. It’s clear to me that the energy of spring has me in a fever ( a book deadline might also be contributing too). Over winter everything was travelling at half pace, and now with just a hint of warmer weather things appear to be accelerated (apart from the odd tropical thunderstorm and extreme hail). In the garden, in the kitchen and ultimately in front of the screen writing recipes and on the side, (and secretly planning fishing trips). In the next few weeks a few things I’ve been working on will be out there for people to read, hear and view. So much seems to be happening, I’m busy but happy about it all the same.

In all this chaos of busy-ness I still find solace in the garden. Rays of sun hit my body browning my olive skin, the buzz of european bee’s on the job, the odd dragonfly on patrol, the girls playfully pulling flowers off my plants (that were intended for fruiting purpose’s but end up being part of a backyard wedding of sorts). In the process to acquire a feed of healthy worms, blackbirds and ravens dig up my mulch and kill a few of my lovingly planted seedlings, and finally the snails and slugs overcome every obstacle I place in front of them, their tiny brains beating me at garden chess and beating any attempt I’ve made to save my families fresh food supply. All this is supposed to give a bloke calm and solace? I must be sick in the noggin.

A slice of spring…..A meal made from everything in my garden, a few of our eggs and some local cheese

Fine tuning an old favourite. Spanish Rabbit legs with Fino Sherry, Cinnamon and chorizo

Buttery Cannellini Beans atop of ‘last nights venison shanks stew with kale and sausage’ for a morning after breakfast….

The venison dark and stormy shanks with thyme roasted spuds…..

I’m cooking BBQ Lamb Kofta for lunch today on home made turkish flat bread with tabbouleh………any takers?