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A little break has been on the cards for a while, we just had to wait for the right moment to present itself. A few days with sand between our toes, the sun upon our faces and the waves breaking at our feet. A bit of fishing, some foraging, some cooking and a whole heap of relaxing. Coming home was a treat, seeing all the growth in the garden, and there is plenty of it! But as good as it is to be home, we’re all looking forward to getting back to Skenes Creek, our favourite beachside camping spot.

One of the only camping spots on the beach that allows dogs and campfires. I hope that never changes.

Foraged rock mussels made a beautiful sauce with white wine, garlic and crispy pancetta.

Our afternoon ritual, get the fire going, crack a coldie and do nothing much

Apollo Bays hidden secret.

Sand crabs are sweeter than lobster, but no one eats them……except me.

A nice Aussie Salmon I caught just 100m from our camp….does it get any better than that?