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One of my favourite pasta asciutta is arrabiata. It’s simple and full of flavour, but best of all, most of the ingredients can come strait from my veg patch. Inspired by Pellegrini’s Unprejudiced Palate, I decided to merge a version of this traditional favourite with trout. The result is possibly one of the most enjoyable ways I’ve experienced eating trout. Totally blew me away.

The ingredients are simple. Our home cured prosciutto, home pickled olives, home made olive oil, home grown parsley, garlic, passata. The only thing not ours was the Tuki Trout, butter, mushies, white wine and onion.

Every morsel was cherished with plenty of ooo’s and arrrhh’s.

The trout skin that is often set aside on the plate by most people does not go to waste at this table. It’s got plenty of flavour. And the bones will make a stock.

Our very precious remaining home made prosciutto was a welcome addition to the meal.

I couldn’t eat the whole fish in one sitting, so I have half of the trout and half the sauce remaining to top some pasta for dinner tonight.

As Mr Pellegrini would have said……Buon Appetito!