It’s probably no secret that we are looking for a place that we can set up a bigger WLL system, something with enough space for a decent size veg patch, an orchard, livestock and room for the kids to grow up. A decade ago we could have bought a block of land for well under half the price of the current market. In the cities I understand that land and house prices are high due to demand with the ‘housing shortage’ mostly a result of our (not so well internationally known) open immigration program. But out here in the country it astounds me that even a back blocks piece of land half an hour away from town is asking mega bucks. It seems unless some crazy fiscal miracle comes our way that the dream of our own version of Waldon is a long way off yet.

A friend put me onto this place, which is just stunning. Sure there’s a lot of work that would need to be done but the bones are there. Over 4 acres of rich volcanic soil and a small mud brick cottage. Someone else’s Waldon for now.