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I’m currently reading The Unprejudiced Palate written by Italian American Immigrant Angelo Pellegrini. I have a second edition (1948) that I’m currently deveouring with relish (figuratively not literally). It’s so relevant in regards to how food was/is bastardised by the foodies and food elite. Sixty years later and it seems like not much has changed. Food to foodies is still considered an art form which in turn makes it intimidating to most and unachievable to cook for many, which is not actually the case, cooking good food is easy. So the foodie elite, the foodie chef competition TV shows…..bit of a wank really. Food is an integral part of ‘la buena vida’ The Good life. It fit’s in with the other key elements like good wine, good food, good sex and good sleep (preferably in that order). Alas fresh food cooked simply is not a regular part of so many westerners lifestyle, opting for the easier option of packaged food meals, packets of flavour or take away. I saw instant risotto at the shop the other day. Instant risotto! Is this something new? I knew there was instant flavoured pasta and TV dinners, but risotto. Where’s the fun in that! I can’t help but think of the extra packaging and processing required for this ‘convenience’ when its so bloody easy to make it yourself! Even if you are a busy bee like me. I’m one of the most time poor people I know and I still have and make time to cook. Like this simple Zucchini slice with a just picked garden with an simple vinaigrette dressing. To make this slice it’s simply a matter of throwing all the ingredients in a bowl mixing, then baking it. I wonder if my 5 year old could do it? Probably. Nothing fancy really, our eggs, some veg, cheese and some spice. And the salad with the raw purple broccoli, yum!