Each summer all round Australia, people throw ‘opera house’ nets into dams (large man made ground water storage holes) baited with all sorts of things, from soap, Eucalyptus leaves, sheep liver a and my favourite…road kill (the stinker the more effective).

All in the pursuit of trapping these little fresh water crustacea we call Yabbies. The sweetest ‘mini lobster’ meat is coveted and is normally cooked in large numbers, where the family gathers around to peel off the shell of the boiled/BBQ’d Yabbies then they devour the white meat with vigorous enthusiasm.
Last year some friends came down from Sydney, and we cooked up some Yabbies this way and dipped them in a garlic butter sauce. Taking it one step further, I made a white wine garlic butter sauce with a tap of chilli and what a pasta it was. I’m going to submit this for the recipe book for sure. Oh and nothing goes to waste. I made a cabbie stock out of the left over shells. Risotto here we come!

Another recent treat was a smokey spit roast rabbit I shot last week up on the mountain. Most wild game is lean and can dry out very fast, hence the blanket of bacon. Which for those meat eaters out there, unfortunetly cooked into a perfect mini crackling slowly spit roasted…..sorry you weren’t here to share it with me. This worked out a treat! The most tender rabbit legs I think I’ve ever eaten! I marinated it for a day in my secret herb spice mix, maybe that and the slow cook of two hours on the gentle flame might have something to do with it. Another one for the book.

Busted! I bet you looked at the Rabbits bum!

When I was a kid I had this dream of going hunting and then spit roasting a rabbit over a camp fire on a bush made hand crank spit. This dream most likely came from looking at the juicy spit roasted boars that Asterix would cook, not having boar rabbit was the obvious substitute. I’m glad my ‘dream’ came true. Actually for anyone that knows the series of comic books, you might understand this dorky bit of info….I also developed my interest in fresh herbs from Getafix’s (the village Druid) potion making. Yes I’m a nerd.