Inside weather again today.

Spring tends to give us four seasons in one day, with the sun shinning just after a hail storm, ace. At least the garden loves it, rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine, then surprise…rain!

At least it gives me a chance to look over some recent photos, and more importantly cook a nice meal! The Purple Sprouting Broccoli is in full bloom at the moment improving the aesthetics of the patch. We’ve been sharing it with friends and family and eating as much of it as we cane, making the most of it’s short season. If I had more space in my yard I would have staggered my plantings but alas because of space constraints I’m now consuming a lot of broccoli ALL ready NOW! I cooked a Broccoli orecchiette for a lovely ABC Journalist that came to interview me about, well you guessed it….my garden and food philosophy ( I think I damaged her ears with my ranting about how stuffed our food system is….sorry Margi). We had a good chat, and the Broccoli orecchiette was so tasty, a simple fresh meal to make. A stark contrast to the meat fest I cooked for my Dad on fathers day over the weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever cooked lamb cutlets before, but they were pretty divine marinated with their best buds, rosemary, thyme, garlic and olive oil! I served the cutlets with roasted mushrooms topped with my home pickled olive tapenade (an idea I stole from a meal at this place, great food by the way!) I also made some asian lamb bombs, which I realise now I should have just eaten more of and forget about social politness! We don’t often eat lamb, but when we do it’s always appreciated as a real treat.

For my European and American friends, I hope your start to Autumn is spectacular with leaves a changing’ and mushrooms a growin’

For my Aussie mates, get in the bloody garden already!

mad love