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There are many good things that come from having a backyard that is edible, convenience being one of them. It’s just so simple to walk out the back door, grab the herbs and vegetables you need and whip up something for lunch. It’s great for the hip pocket, especially if you take the time to raise the seedlings yourself, which for a minimal effort can reap massive savings.

Seriously I’m puzzled as to why more folk are’nt inclined to grow their own. Are they just lazy? I think it’s more effort to go to the supermarket and deal with ‘the people’ than to walk out into my own patch and grab what I need.

Rosemary and chopped ‘yesterdays cooked meat’

Curly parsley


We’re trying to stick to a kinda budget at the moment, we do really well during the week and then smash it on the weekend with wine and cheese. But persevering with the budget concept I cut up some left over cooked meat, a sausage, a burger and a steak. With some herbs, veg, passata and borlotti beans lunch was made. A ‘yesterdays meat n’ bean stew’ cooked in 15 minutes, devoured in 5.