I’m not sure if it’s just been a hectic year and I’m run down, our just that my eldest daughter started school this year bringing home a plethura of disease, but I’ve ended up getting sick more than I’d like to have been. Last week I was definetly like a bear in hibernation cave-side. I was nursing another nasty infection that knocked me off my feet, no matter how much I tried to fight it. I get so frustrated when I’m sick (hence the term ‘man-flu). I’m a grumpy sick man, a prisoner of an illness that for the short term restricts me to the couch or the bed. As soon as I’m slightly returning to human form I’ll jump at any opportunity to get out amongst ‘it’. So as my zombie form dissipated a few days ago, I took Mum for a drive up the summit of Mt Beckworth, a frequent night haunt for rabbit hunting but more spectacular in daylight.

We tackled some pretty rough tracks, in the process cementing in Mums mind that I’m an unsafe reckless driver and need’s to tamed (we differ on that opionion). The views at the peak where spectacular and a vast contrast to the celling I’d been staring at for most of the week. We descended down the mountain to the Cork Oaks, a small plantation set up by the forestry commission years ago to experiment the viability of growing cork. Nothing eventuated from the experiment, but the stand of trees remain, and they stick out in the Australian bush as an interesting and foriegn item of interest.

The next day the sun came out, a real hint of Spring. With the Jeep packed, Dad and I went to Newlyn Reservoir for some fly fishing. A few strikes but no fish to cook, but we both didn’t seem phased. It was the lake, the sunshine and the company that made the day pretty easy going. We finished off with nighttime BBQ with the roaring chiminea flames keeping us warm. A much better scenario than being laid down with ‘Man flu’.