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A week ago we had two days above 17 degrees, weather that’s slightly unseasonal for August but not unwelcome. It was a teaser trailer for the seasonal blockbuster that is Spring. This winter has been long, cold and windy, but I must admit I’m a lover of the seasons so I’m not really complaining. I definitely couldn’t live up north where it’s consistently above 30 all year round, variety keeps life interesting. However at this point in August I’m ready for the change. All the tell-tale signs are there; the cherry blossoms are beautifying the streets, daffodils and jonquils stretch out of their winter slumber, and the buzz of bee’s can be heard on the warmer days. An eager eye will spot the birds busying themselves with grass, straw and twigs; collected for the nests soon to be filled with demanding little chicks. This also marks the start of magpie swooping season, it’s an Australian past-time, dodging the violent swoop of the magpie protecting their new seasons territory. They will draw blood on the scalp to the unobservant, helmets recommended.

So I got a tad excited with the chance of a seasonal shift and most definitely acted impromptly. I’ve started the process of raising seedlings for the warm season crop, using my mini hot house, food tins and toilet rolls. The toilet roll method although it sounds odd is tried and tested approach. The seedlings grow as normal, but it’s when they get planted still in the toilet rolls thats proves the systems ingeniousness. The delicate root system is not damaged in any way and the cardboard provides support until it eventually rots away. Thats what I call up-cycling.

The first batch of Borlotti beans for the upcoming season

So that I can make meals like this….