My wife trained as a biological scientist, and we meet at University studying biology. Biology was my science major, in fact I was top of my class in VCE. And from those years studying biology I learnt, that from a scientific perspective I’m classed as an omnivore, and an opportunist at that. Just like a Brush Tail possum we will eat whatever will gives us the most energy for the least output.

If you choose to be vegan, vegetarian or fruitarian, I totally respect your choice. Have the same respect for me accepting what I naturally am.

We eat plenty of food in our house that would be politically considered ‘vegetarian’ but we don’t view it that way, to us it’s just food. Sometimes we eat meat, meat that’s hunted or home raised. When our friends come over that are vegetarian, we don’t eat meat, we respect their choice, no discrimination. We had a lovely friend over last week and I couldn’t wait to treat her with a wild nettle pesto with fresh made gnocchi. Sure I understand what flavors they are missing out on, but I’m not going to attempt to convert them to change teams so to speak.

I’m tired of the ‘anti hunting/we want the world to never eat meat again movement’. A privileged middle class opinion, that when times are tough dissipates with materialistic wealth. During the depression and post WW2 many Australians ate rabbit, it was either free or cheap. An excellent source of energy to keep people alive. Now with wealth re-established and a plethora of choice it’s considered by many to be a barbaric blood lust pursuit to hunt rabbit for meat.

Privileged city dweller with your high opinions, please respect our lowly back country choice.

And on the subject of meat. This venison osso bucco 3 hour slow cook was divine. It’s going straight into the book.