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The cooler months of Winter can definitely draw down your levels of positivity, but persevere there is hope.

In Autumn when the leaves began their annual metamorphosis, I continued to plant as I had all summer. As the last tomato was plucked from the vine I was planting purple and green sprouting broccoli and beetroots in it’s place, in the following weeks and months I planted garlic, shallots, rocket, kale, spinach, cos, iceberg, onions and leek. Over at the block patch we’ve planted a range of winter veg, it’s finally starting to show some results. It’s been a cold winter, so growth had been slow but there is produce to be harvested right now. In a week or so we’ll be harvesting the broccoli for it’s short but much anticipated season. The slow stuff like garlic, onions and leek will have many more months to develop, but they give me much joy just watching their progress. Summer is the extreme growth season but winter too has it’s place on the gardening calendar as a profitable fresh food season. So persevere.