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Don’t get me wrong, I like visual pleasure as much as the next bloke. A feminine lady in a summer dress, a lost cabin in the bush, a fine looking stag and the beauty of a freshly caught rainbow trout. Viewing the world initially on looks, then communication, interpretation, contextualization etc…..call me shallow, thats just how I view the world.

But when it comes to food, sometimes the visuals are far from spectacular. Especially this time of the year, it’s cold, wet and comfort food (mostly oven slow cooked) is the order of the day. It just sits there plonked on something to mix it with, rice, pasta, mash, cous cous. For example I made a duck ragu recently and served it as an oven bake stirred in with some orecchiette and grated cheese.

Splendid to eat, not much to look at.

Not dissimilar to me actually, not that I’d taste good, but the conversations not bad, I might even make you laugh; but the visuals less than inspirational. It’s probably why I take a lot of photos, it’s easier to be behind the camera then get caught in front of it.

Actually on the topic of images, a friend of mine is embarking on quite the adventure. I’m hoping he’ll still be on the road when I visit the states late next year. I’d like nothing better than a week or so in the passenger seat exploring the back blocks and the American landscape. In the meantime, I’ll be following his journey online. He takes stunning images, that there is no denying. I can’t help but be inspired watching a creative and restless adventurer on his journey, possibly one of the soul or simply on the road less travelled. Best of luck to you, Foster.