Even though it’s the middle of winter with weather that could turn you into a hermit, we persevere and get out when the conditions are favourable. The block out at Grace View needed some attention, so JB and I spent an afternoon pottering around. We got two more beds worked over and one boarded up. It looks like more and more we’ll have a good many beds come Spring planting time. We planted the last of our garlics and most of our early potatoes. We both felt a sense of achievements, and followed that up with a family bonfire and a slow roast lamb shoulder cooked in the coals of our heart warming campfire. Pity there was no light when the roast was finished, but let me assure you it was one hell of a well cooked meal.

Cuppa bereak. What a rad mug!

Garden beds!!

The rabbit and mustard sauce cooked on Friday night served on a leek and potato mash. Divine.

Sunday found us eager to continue the stint of fun with a visit up the hills to the Daylesford Sunday market. Somethings I would have liked to see for sale like this short wheel base Landy, same era as the one we had on the farming growing up as a kid. But we did manage to snap up a lovely Oak chair for a lazy $20. Overall a great weekend.

Cold Daylesford!